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Selling on Amazon is turning out to be more muddled each day and selling products online includes a wide range of legal difficulties. Your business can be stopped due to amazon business account suspension and sometimes it can be permanent. Sooner or later, you will need an amazon legal expert that can help you to deal with difficulties. At Abid Nizami Law Associates, we offer affordable amazon account services. We have amazon legal experts that can help you with suspension, deactivation, and other processes. Our priority is our clients, we give our undivided attention to every client and make custom plans according to their cases. We know how important is your account for your business. We try our best to recover your account within 24 hours. We can help you with the following concerns

Amazon Account Suspension

We provide efficient appeal plans to remove the suspension from your account.

Intellectual Property Complaints

Accounts can be suspended due to IP rights. Our IP expert lawyers can help you to resolve IP issues.

Listing Suspension

We can help you to reinstate your suspended listing by providing a strategic appeal.

Brand Protection

We help to protect your brand from pointless IP or ownership complaints.

Brand Monitoring

We provide trademarks services and monitor your brand from listing hijacking.

Withheld Money

We can help you in resolving amazon disputes through arbitration.

Lost Inventory

Due to the contract, you cannot directly take amazon to the court but we can help you with account suspension and lost inventory. We assist you to restore your inventory and account.

Business Law

Our team has the full knowledge of eCommerce businesses like amazon. We provide consultation according to business laws and help you to run a business without any hurdle.

False Counterfeits/Forgeries Complaints

We can provide legal claims for false complaints. We can also sue them with defamation charges.

Seller Charged in courts

Brands sue sellers with counterfeit charges. We can help sellers to negotiate legally with brands to resolve this.
Amazon is the largest online market that is providing business opportunities to many people. It helps businessmen to expand their business globally but there are many legal issues related to amazon account. You need a lawyer to resolve legal issues regarding this. We can provide all the amazon account legal services that can be beneficial for you.
Why you should choose us:

High Success rate

We try our best to assist you with all your legal needs. Our experienced lawyers have a better understanding that leads them towards success

Experienced Team

Our team is comprised of senior-level lawyers and attorneys. They have won many cases and had the experience and skill to serve you

Client’s Satisfaction

Our priority is quality, not quantity that’s why we provide our undivided attention to each client.

24/7 Availability

Our legal team is available 24/7 to help you with any query regarding your account.
We offer legal help regarding your Amazon account. If your account gets suspended, no worries, our team can assist you with the best amazon legal services that can help you in recovering your account. We know it is difficult and time taking to contact through amazon account services phone number. We can tackle all the legal problems related to the Amazon account. We also assist you to make the right changes in your business to reduce the chances of account suspension in the future. We are here at your service. Contact us today!


What is is an online products retailer that inspires and educates. Amazon has stores all over the world because they exist virtually on the internet. They provide unlimited shelf space for products and provide a selection of over 17 million titles for books and music.
Why do I encounter various availability listings on the Amazon site?
It is because of titles’ demand, proximity, and availability. They source products from different distributors and the availability of those products depends on whether the distributor has the products in stock or not.
What does the sales rank mean?
It’s like a bestseller list that includes not only the top 100 or so but millions of titles. Products are only ranked within their item category which means a book ranked first in the book list is the best-selling book and may not be an overall best-selling product.
How do I find sales information for my title? doesn’t provide sales information to vendors. You can contact distributors for more information about the sales of their titles.
How do I promote my titles at
You can use descriptive content and images, to personally hand-sell your titles to consumers and encourage them to buy.
How can I make it easier for customers to find my product?
You need to make sure that your product listing has complete information such as accurate title, author/artist name, and subject information.
What is the Amazon Business Seller program?
You can grow your business-to-business sales through the Amazon Business Seller program. As a business seller, you get benefits to help increase your sales to business customers. It has different search functionality that makes it easy for business customers to find your products and pricing.
What are the main differences between the Amazon Business Seller program and Selling on Amazon?
In Amazon Business Seller Program, you can provide features for business-to-business transactions to fulfill the specific requirements of business customers.
Who is eligible for the Amazon Business Seller program?
You need to fulfill the following requirements:
  • Pre-shipment cancellation rate should be low (less than 1%)
  • The late shipping rate should be low (less than 2%)
  • Order Defect Rate should also be low (claims, returns, and money backs should be under 1%. You can see the updated Amazon Business Guide for more information.
Who is an Amazon Business customer?
Amazon Business customers are verified as businesses, for that they need to complete the business account registration process.
How do I retain business seller status?
Sellers must maintain a high-performance bar to retain their seller status. They need to surpass existing performance thresholds (mentioned in the Amazon requirements table). You can check your performance in the Seller Central’s Account Health Section.
How much does it cost to list products as a business seller?
You need a Professional Selling Plan for participation in the Amazon Business Seller program. The monthly subscription fee is $39.99 along with other selling fees. You can get more information from Amazon Business Fee Schedule.
How do I cancel my Amazon Business Seller status?
You can go to their Amazon Seller Central website to opt out from the business seller program at any time. It doesn’t affect your selling account and only removes the business-to- business features.
What information is required to enroll a brand in Amazon Brand Registry?
To enroll in a brand you need to give the following information:
  • Brand name with a registered trademark
  • Associated government-registered trademark number
  • A list of product categories (Sporting goods, Books, etc.) for brand listing
Are WIPO trademarks accepted by Amazon Brand Registry?
Amazon only accepts the trademarks from government trademark offices in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, India, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Poland, Egypt, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and the United Arab Emirates. You need to provide the trademark number issued by the national trademark office along with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) trademark number.
Are EUIPO trademarks accepted by Amazon Brand Registry?
Yes, you need to select EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) as a trademark registrar in your brand registry application.
How can I check the status of my application?
You need to log into your Amazon Brand Registry account and check your Case log.
How do I access my brand if the current Brand Registry rights owner is no longer with the company, or I have purchased the brand from another company?
You can contact their customer support center and request access by providing the following information:
  • The email addresses associated with your and the current rights owner’s Brand Registry account
  • The name of the brand currently enrolled in Brand Registry
How can I enroll a new brand?
You need to click on “Enroll a new brand” from your account’s home page to enroll another brand.
What is Amazon’s policy on the protection of intellectual property?
Amazon does not accept listings that violate other owners’ intellectual property rights. To get detailed information, you can check Amazon’s Intellectual Property (IP) policy.
You can contact the Brand Registry Support team to report any kind of violations.
What is an Amazon Seller Lawyer?
An Amazon Seller lawyer is a licensed lawyer who can deal with all legal problems regarding the Amazon E-commerce industry. They can guide you to enforce and protect your rights.