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Abid Nizami Law Associates’ consultants can help you with legally defendable contracts. Business owners and managers need various types of contracts for the legal process. Our qualified lawyers can handle your legal needs and defend you in court. We have many years of working experience in different fields like corporate, civil, commercial, and intellectual property. We work with you to create an efficient plan to protect and manage your rights. We have high- quality talent that can offer you a wide range of services. We’ve served individuals and businesses over the years. It’s our priority to protect our clients’ property and business. We draft defendable contracts according to your needs.

Contract Agreement Drafting Services


Our qualified lawyers can understand your needs and help you with given contracts

Nondisclosure Agreement

We can help you to legally protect your information. We draft a nondisclosure agreement for all your projects involving third parties.

Partnership Agreement

Whenever you decide to do a joint venture, we are here for your assistance to give you legal advice and agreement.

Power of Attorney

Power of attorney gives you the right to make decisions regarding business, medical, etc. Our lawyers can help you to draft a clear power of attorney agreement.

Property or Equipment Lease

We also draft clear agreements between parties regarding property and equipment that ensure to eliminate the probability of illegal use and cover damages.

Employment Contract

We also draft a tenancy agreement or employment contract that includes all the information about work, payment, etc. to give a complete idea.

Indemnity Agreement

We draft valid indemnity agreements to ensure your damages. It binds two parties in which one party agrees to cover all the potential losses.

Contractor Contract

We provide working agreements for both contractors and clients.

Franchise Agreement

We can make agreements for both franchise and franchisee according to your requirements.

Technology Licensing Contract

We provide clear terms and conditions for both the technology owner and other parties.

Bill of Sale

We provide proper terms and conditions for transferring or selling any property or products.

Terms & Conditions

We will execute Terms and Conditions considering the nature of your business to protect your legal rights from any infringements.

Privacy Policies

If you have a website or mobile app that collects personal data from its users, you will need a Privacy Policy. Contact us for the perfect execution of privacy policies for you.
Contracts and agreements are essential for a smooth relationship between parties. Without proper terms and conditions, you cannot safeguard your rights. By generating contracts from contract drafting software but there will always be a chance of error. To outsource the contract drafting services is the best option to ensure quality. It can provide an accurate format, cover all points, and have all the qualities that make it defendable and valid. Law firms and organizations are very busy with their cases and other major processes. They can simply outsource the contract drafting services.
Why you should choose us:

Affordable Prices

Our qualified and experienced lawyers can provide you with their legal services at very affordable rates.

Experienced Team

Our team is comprised of senior-level lawyers and attorneys. They have won many cases and had the experience and skill to serve you.

Data Security

We make sure to keep your information confidential. So, your data is safe with us.

24/7 Availability

Our legal team is available 24/7 to help you with any query.
We have been providing contract drafting services to many clients and are ready to serve you with our hard work and dedication. We also have qualified paralegals in the contract drafting course. We aim to provide quality and exceptional services to our clients. You can contact us to get our contract drafting services at the best price.


What are the key elements of a binding contract?
Following are the elements of binding a contract:
  • Mutual Agreement
  • Expressed By a Valid Offer and Acceptance
  • Adequate Consideration
  • Capacity
  • Legality
Tab TitlePlease explain what competent means regarding the requirement that an agreement is between competent parties for a contract to be effective?
The law normally assumes that every person has the capacity to contract. But if a party doesn’t have the capacity, then the contract is considered voidable and the party that doesn’t have capacity may not want the contract. Contractual capacity is a must for the parties for an agreement. It is the capability to understand the contract’s nature and that it is being made.
How does a mistake affect the enforceability of an agreement?
The agreement may be affected if one or both parties made a mistake. A unilateral mistake is an error made by one party and not known by the other party that generally does not affect the enforceability of the agreement. The agreement will be void if both parties make the same mistake and that mistake is related to a key factual matter.
What does the term consideration mean as far as the enforceability of an agreement is concerned?
Consideration is what the promisor requests and gets as the cost for the promise. The person who makes the promise is called the promisor and to whom the promise is made is called the promisee. Consideration involves something that the promiser is not entitled to otherwise. It is not compulsory to use the term “consideration” in an agreement or contract. You can take consideration in terms of legal value and economic value. The most common form of consideration is the economic value (money, etc.) but it doesn’t always have to involve money. To enforce a contract, each party needs to change his/her legal position in some manner. You cant bind and enforce an agreement or contract if it lacks consideration.
What does the element “lawful objective” deal with?
Courts won’t enforce any kind of contracts or agreements that violate public policies or are illegal. These types of contracts are void. If the contract that is void hasn’t been performed, neither party can’t take legal action for damages. Any contract or agreement that demands the commission of any crime is illegal. For example, an agreement to defame a person is void.
Must a contract be in writing to be enforceable?
No, oral contracts are just as effective and enforceable as written contracts. But some contracts need to be in writing to be effective and enforceable by a Court.
When is a contract deemed to have been performed or discharged?
A contract is usually settled by the performance of the terms mentioned in the contract or agreement. If one party offers to perform the contract under its terms and the other person won’t allow performing, the contract may be considered discharged.
What are the remedies in the event of a breach of contract?
You need to check:
  • What Damages Can Be Awarded?
    Two types of damages need to be awarded in case of a breach of contract is proved.
    • Compensatory Damages
    • Punitive Damages
  • How are Compensatory Damages Calculated?
    The calculation of damages depends on the type of contract and loss that was suffered.
  • Are There Any Limitations on the Award of Compensatory Damages?
    One important limitation is the duty to mitigate. The non-breaching party needs to minimize the damages amount to a reasonable extent.
Why is it a good idea to get contracts in writing?
A written contract gives each person a chance to completely understand his or her responsibilities under the agreement or contract, and clear any ambiguity before signing. It also allows each party to get guidance from a lawyer to understand if there are any issues in the contract. Finally, in case of a lawsuit, a written contract provides exact terms and conditions of the contract to the court, instead of each party giving their interpretations.
Can an international contract be illegal?
Yes. A contract is illegal if you need to do illegal activities to fulfill the terms of the contract. An international contract may be illegal if the goods and/or services are legal in one country, but illegal in the other country.
What is a breach of contract?
A breach of contract is when one party doesn’t perform its responsibilities under the contract. A breach can occur in various ways: if a party doesn’t fulfill the terms on time, performs in a way that is not consistent with the terms mentioned in the contract, or doesn’t perform its obligations at all.
What are the minimum requirements to form a contract?
There are three basic elements that every contract needs:
  • An Offer
  • Acceptance Of the Offer
  • Consideration (money, goods or services, or the mutual exchange of promises)
It can be determined by analyzing your contract. You can take the following actions:
  • Some contracts allow the non-breaching party to give notice before filing a lawsuit to allow the other party to “cure” the breach.
  • Some contracts allow the parties to resolve the dispute through arbitration before filing a lawsuit, in which the parties need to hire an unbiased third party and try to negotiate the terms to settle their dispute.
  • Some contracts include “forum selection” provisions that determine the particular court in which a lawsuit must be filed.
I was mistaken about some of the contract terms when I entered into the contract. Can I get out of it?
Under certain situations, a contract can be reformed or terminated if the parties made a mistake while entering into a contract. If the mistake is mutual then the probability of reforming or terminating the contract will be increased. You should consult with a lawyer if you have queries regarding the enforceability of a contract.
I don’t want to end up in court. Can a contract require disputes to be arbitrated instead?
Some contracts have provisions that allow disputes over the agreement or contract to be arbitrated instead of filing a lawsuit. Arbitration is a process by which a mediator or a panel of arbitrators chairs the case and hears evidence from both parties. Mostly obligatory arbitration provisions are used in construction agreements and contracts.
What kind of damages can I recover from the other party if they breach the contract?
It depends on the conditions of the contract and the nature of the breach. Parties are usually entitled to compensatory damages in which non-breaching parties can ask for compensation to recover from damages. Contracts may have limitations on the amount and type of damages to be charged, like specifying the number of damages (“liquidated damages”) that will be given in case of a breach.

Contract Agreement Drafting Services