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Virtual assistant services

A virtual assistant provides different services to businesses. They can work from remote locations and assist in various tasks like digital marketing, appointments scheduling, etc. It can reduce cost, save time and give a better opportunity to use talent by engaging skilled people. It can make your work easy. At Abid Nizami Law Associates, we provide virtual assistant services with the help of our experts. We have a qualified team in different areas to provide services that can fit your needs.
We provide the following services

Social Media Management

We can analyze your audience and help you develop a strategy to manage your social media accounts.

Event Management

We can help in planning, organizing, and managing your virtual events. We offer full support to execute your event.

Administrative Work

We can assist with your workplace duties. Our team is efficient in answering calls, handling live chat and emails, keeping records, etc.

Digital Marketing Tasks

We have an expert team in digital marketing. They can help you to boost your sales by efficiently completing your marketing tasks.

Managing Calendars & Appointments

Our virtual agents can efficiently schedule your appointments by managing your calendar. They also reschedule your missed appointments.

Managing Finances

We also provide our services in managing your finance. Our professionals keep a full record of your expenses.

Preparing Reports

We have an experienced and skilled team. They can help you to prepare reports regarding business, finance, feedbacks, etc.

Booking Hotels & Restaurants

You need to book a hotel for a trip or meeting. No worries, our team can help you to book a hotel or restaurant according to your needs.

Research & Content Creation

Our team can provide their services to do research for your business and develop a creative content creation plan.

Customer Services

We can give our customer care services to create a better experience for your customers.
A virtual assistant works independently that’s why you don’t have to provide him the same benefits as a full-time employee. Our remote virtual assistants can help your business to grow smoothly. We also provide virtual PA services. We are flexible and can adapt to the nature of your work.
Why you should choose us:

Reduce Cost

You don’t need to hire new employees. You can simply get our online personal assistant services at a reasonable price.

Better Work Quality

We have a skilled team and they are working for years. They can improve the quality of your work with their expertise.

Customers’ Satisfaction

Our priority is to provide high-quality services to satisfy your customers.

24/7 Availability

Our team is available 24/7 to help you with any query and give you the best solutions.


We can help you with our virtual assistant services to save your precious time by dividing your workload.

More Coverage

You can expand your business in different regions by hiring our virtual assistants. They give you more coverage.
You can hire us to get assistance related to your work. Our team is highly qualified and passionate about their work. You don’t need to hire new employees and give virtual assistant salaries and other employee benefits. They give their 100 percent by ensuring the quality of their work. Usually, full-time employees work for fixed hours but we provide our assistance 24/7. If you’ve just started your business, we are perfect for you because we can provide exceptional services that suit your budget. You can contact us anytime. We would love to work with you.


What is a Virtual Assistant?
A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent worker who assists you in administrative and technical tasks of your business or personal life. They can work from remote locations and help in various tasks like digital marketing, appointments scheduling, etc.
What are the benefits of using a Virtual Assistant?
The best thing about hiring a virtual assistant is that you get immediate assistance from a highly-skilled individual whenever you need it. If you compare the costs of hiring an employee with a virtual assistant. Hiring a full-time employee will cost you more. If you hire a virtual assistant, it can reduce cost, save time and give a better opportunity to use talent by engaging skilled people. You will only pay for the time they spend completing your tasks.
What are the skills sets of VA's?
A virtual assistant can handle any tasks that can be completed over the internet and phone. Some of the common duties that a virtual assistant can do are data entry, social networking, making/ receiving phone calls, updating websites, research, invoicing and payroll processing, email management, MS Office help, or any other technical support.
When is it time to hire a Virtual Assistant?
When the time you spend on administrative tasks starts to affect your bottom line then it’s high time that your hire a virtual assistant to share your administrative burden.
Is hiring a VA really "cost-effective"?
Yes. A virtual assistant works independently that’s why you don’t have to provide him the same benefits as a full-time employee.
How does the "virtual" process work?
You can follow the below mentioned process:
  • Good communication is essential between a client and a Virtual Assistant.
  • You can start by discussing the details about the work that you need to have done and how you want to communicate (email, phone, instant messaging, etc.).
  • Ask for periodic updates to keep the information about the status of your work.
  • Provide timely communication if any changes are required, such as changed time limit.
  • Brief them how you want to receive your completed work like either in electronic form or hard copy.
How do I know that my business and customer details will be safe?
Before hiring a virtual assistant ask them to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).
How do I effectively communicate with my VA?
Following are some tips that you can use to communicate with your virtual assistant:
  • Always be clear and concise
  • Train your virtual assistant
  • Use technology
  • Trust your virtual assistant
  • Time management
  • Have regular meetings
  • Give feedback
Can we put our virtual assistant’s details on our website?
Yes. You can. It will give your virtual assistant confidence that he/she is also a part of your team. This will encourage them to work harder.
How much does a virtual assistant cost?
Virtual assistants can charge anywhere between $1 to $100/ hour, for some tasks even more. But on average Executive virtual assistant services can cost between $15 and $30/ hour and $40-$75/ hour for higher-level marketing or financial tasks.