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A patent is an exclusive right that is given to any process, invention, or product. For a patent, one needs to make the invention’s information public in a patent application and then reserve its rights. These rights are given for a specific time limit. It gives you the rights and stops others to copy, sell or manipulate it. At Abid Nizami Law Associates, we can provide you with a professional and qualified patent attorney that can assist you regarding patents. We help you to get, maintain and reinstate patents. We also provide ownership change patent services. We deal in four types of patents, Utility, Plant, Design, and Provisional patent.

Utility Patent

A utility patent is the most common category among people. It is related to the legal protection of inventors’ rights for any new or unique process, the machine, or a manufactured article. Usually, a utility patent time limit is 20 years as long as you keep maintenance fees in check.

Design Patent

To protect the rights for a new and original design of products, a design patent is issued. Design patents’ time limit is 15 years and no maintenance fees are needed. It gives the rights of the design to the inventor.

Plant Patent

A plant patent is used to reserve the rights of a newly invented plant that has reproduction capability. Plants patents are issued for 20 years with no maintenance fees.

Provisional Patent

A provisional patent is to file a patent application at the US office and you need to file a utility patent after filing a provisional patent within a year.
Inventors spend time and tons of money on a new invention. Patents give relief to inventors that all rights are reserved to them and nobody can sell, own or manipulate their invention. It increases their profits. We deal in all types of patents and trademarks, Industrial Design, Trade Secret, Geographical Indications, Plant Varieties, Domain Names, Corporate Law, Patent specification drafting, Franchising, and Distributorship laws.
We provide services for

Patent Searches

We can help you with patent searches to check the protection eligibility for your patent.

Patent Application

After checking the eligibility, we can help you to draft your patent application. We also help with the pending patent application.

Maintenance of a Patent

We can help you to maintain your patent rights by scheduling the payment.

Opposition Proceedings

We can assist you with the proceeding if your competitor gets a patent illegally.

Nullifications Proceedings

We can assist you with your opposition proceedings to declare the patent invalid by the court.

Patent Infringement

We can do the infringement assessments and help you to take appropriate legal action.
At Abid Nizami Law Associates, we have a team of qualified lawyers that can help you to with your legal needs. We provide services globally that can help you expand your market.
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