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Abid Nizami Law Associates’ can assist you with our immigration services. Immigration is confusing and tiring but we give dynamic solutions to your complex immigration concerns with our expertise and resources. We can help you to live and work legally all across the nation. Our firm is client-oriented with goals to assist our clients on every step of immigration. We can help our clients with an immigrant visa, green card, federal court hearings, refugee protection, visa refusals, citizenship, work & study permit, etc., and are fully responsible for the immigration process, creating immigration policies, and applications naturalization. Get information about eligibility criteria, study documents, and other application requirements from our qualified lawyers

Immigration Services


Our Immigration Services


We understand the immigration laws of different countries like Canada, the UK, etc., and can help you with the citizenship process.

Permanent Residency

We can help you to get permanent residency. We provide complete information about the eligibility criteria and how you can fulfill them.

Appeals & Hearing

We can assist you to state your case and ask for a hearing. We can help you with deportation and illegal immigration issues.

Business Immigration

We provide services to domestic and global businesses for immigration.

Work Permit

We can assist business persons, caregivers, temporary employees, etc. to qualify eligibility criteria and get work permits.

Student Visa

We can help students to overcome challenges and design a plan to fulfill their requirements for student visas.

Family Sponsorship & Visa

We can you with family visa petitions to resolve permanent residency issues.

Spousal Sponsorship

We can make an efficient plan to help you get a spousal sponsorship visa.

Visitor Visa

If you want to visit other countries, we can help you with that. We can help you with your legal necessities.

Skilled Immigration

You can consult us to expand your opportunities to go and work in other countries.

Provincial Nominees

We can help you with your applications and assist you in contacting a province.

Refugee Protection

You need refugee protection; we can help you to seek refuge elsewhere.
You can become a permanent resident through the immigration process. It can provide benefits to both country and immigrants. You can work and learn new skills in other than your own country. Immigrants play an essential role in improving the economy of a country. You can apply for immigration in any country by collecting information about their rules, regulation, and eligibility criteria. It can be difficult and tiresome to collect all the data. We can help you with the immigration process and provide you with the required information.
Why you should choose us:
Affordable Rates
Our qualified and experienced team can provide their immigration services at very affordable prices.
Experienced Team
Our team is comprised of senior-level lawyers and attorneys. They can assist you throughout the immigration process.
We make sure to give our undivided attention to every case.
24/7 Availability
Our legal team is available 24/7 to help you with any query.

If you are looking for the best immigration solutions, we can help you in the best way possible. If
you have any queries regarding legal immigration then contact us for our experienced assistance
for your immigration-related matters.


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What is immigration?
Immigration is the act of relocating from one country to another country to live, work or settle there. Following are the most common reasons for immigration:

  • Reunite with family or a fiancé
  • For Work
  • Seek asylum or refugee
  • Voluntarily seek a change in one’s surroundings.
What is illegal immigration?
When people migrate illegally from their home country to another country, it is a process of illegal immigration. According to some common laws, illegal immigration is when people:
  • Enter another country without the proper documentation.
  • Forge documents for immigration
  • Commit fraud to try to secure documentation to move to another country
  • Stay in the country even after the visa expires
Who is permitted to enter the U.S. from a foreign country?
A foreign national can lawfully enter the U.S. under the following conditions:
  • Employment-based immigration
  • Family-based immigration
  • Refugee or asylee status
  • The diversity lottery
Which family members can sponsor relatives for U.S. immigrant visas that will grant them permanent entry?
INA (Immigration and Nationality Act) grants unlimited immigrant visas for immediate relatives of LPRs and U.S. citizens.
  • A spouse or fiancé(e)
  • Parent
  • A sibling
  • A minor child
  • An adult child (regardless of marital status).
  • What are deportable offenses?
    Deportable offenses are actions that are prohibited by the state and if a foreign national perform any of those actions, they may be forced to leave the country and return to his/her native country. Some deportable offenses include:
    Using fraudulent documents to enter the U.S.
    • Providing fake documentation (like a marriage certificate) to receive a visa
    • Committing crimes (such as drug dealing, serious felonies, domestic violence, etc.)
    • A threat to national security
    • Engaging in terrorist activity
    • Helping others in illegal immigration
    • Staying in the country even after the visa expires.
    • Voting unlawfully.
    Is there a limit on the number of people who can officially receive refugee and asylum status (on humanitarian grounds) each year?
    The president decides the limit on the number of refugees each year but not the number of asylees as they are already in the country. The president of the U.S. decides the number of refugees admission with the help of congressmen every year. Their refugee status depends on the level of risk, they currently are facing or if they are a member of a special group that concerns the U.S. government.
    What is naturalization?
    A foreign national can become a U.S. citizen through naturalization. It’s necessary to get lawful permanent resident status first and stay in the United States for 3 to 5 years depending on the circumstances. To be allowed to become a U.S. citizen, you must:
    • Have a “good moral character”
    • Clear English literacy, history, and government tests
    • Pass the interview successfully to establish the right to citizenship
    • Take the Oath of Loyalty to the U.S.
    What is a green card?
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issues a “green card,” that proves your lawful permanent resident status. Green card gives you the freedom to live and work anywhere in the United States. Green cards must be renewed after a certain time.
    What is USCIS?
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), is a part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). It manages legal immigration to the United States. USCIS is largely responsible for approving green cards, naturalization, work permits, travel permits, etc.
    What is a lawful permanent resident?
    A lawful permanent resident, also called a “green cardholder.” An LPR has the freedom to live and work anywhere in the United States. He/she can also sponsor certain relatives for their LPR status and eventually apply for U.S. citizenship.
    What is conditional permanent residence?
    A conditional permanent resident status is valid for 2 years. CRI written on the physical green card stands for “conditional resident.” You need to file Form I-751 to get permanent resident status. Mostly, a conditional resident status is given to a spouse who has been married for less than 2 years.
    Why would a green card application be denied?
    A green card application may be rejected by the U.S. government for various reasons including:
    • Mistakes On the Required Forms
    • Missing Documents
    • Insufficient Financial Resources
    • Failure To Prove Eligibility
    Can I work in the U.S. while waiting for my green card?
    Yes, if you have a valid working visa then you can work in the U.S. while applying for a green card.
    What is a biometric screening?
    In biometric screening, a government representative takes an individual’s photos, signature, and fingerprints, to check if that individual has any serious criminal history. The biometric procedure is typically short and simple.
    How long after my marriage can I apply for a green card?
    Each state has its own rules for the marriage-based green card. The U.S. green card process takes between 10 and 38 months. It depends on whether your spouse is a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident.
    What documents do I need for a marriage green card?
    It depends on your situation, but in general the couple must provide the following documents:
    • Evidence that sponsoring spouse has U.S. citizenship or green card
    • A copy of your marriage certificate
    • Evidence that the marriage is authentic
    • Evidence that the sponsor will be financially answerable for the family member
    What is the difference between a fiancé visa and a marriage visa?
    Fiancé visa is a temporary visa that allows the fiancé of a U.S. citizen to enter the United States. A marriage visa or marriage-based green card allows spouses of both U.S. citizens and permanent residents to enter the U.S. and eventually provides permanent residence.
    How should I prepare for my marriage green card interview?
    The primary goal of a marriage green card interview is to judge the authenticity of the marriage. The interview questions can focus on their relationship’s history, their daily activities, and future plans as a married couple.
    How do we prove our marriage is real or “bona fide”?
    When two people plan to build a future together and didn’t marry only for immigration is called “bona fide” marriage. Evidence to prove the authenticity of marriage includes:
    • Joint Financial Documents
    • Evidence Of Living Together
    • Tickets And Couple’s Photos from Trips, etc.