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Trademarks & Copyrights

Trademarks are symbols, words, and designs to differentiate a product from similar products like names and logos of brands. A trademark is disallowing any imprints that have a “probability of confusion” with a current one. Thusly, a business can’t utilize an image or brand name if it seems or sounds to be similar, or has a similar significance to one that already exists. If the trademark holder thinks there’s an infringement of these rights, it might choose to take legal action.
Copyrights are issued to protect authorship rights. According to copyrights law, the only author has the authority to display, use and perform the material. Without permission using others’ work can cause copyrights infringement. Copyrights are issued when your original work is published. You automatically get its copyrights. Copyright’s time limit depends on its production date. Usually, its Time Limit Is 70 Years After the Owner’s Death. After the time limit, it enters the public domain and everyone can use it. We provide trademarks and copyrights services for the following matters.
Our Services

Trademark & Copyright Registration

We can help you with the registration process to get trademark and copyright according to trademark and copyright law.

Trademarks & Copyrights Infringements

We can save you from infringements by doing proper research before registering. We also assist, if someone is using your IP.

Issues Related E-Commerce

We can provide information and guidance about similar websites, products, domain names from the internet to prevent future issues.

Franchising & Licensing

We can assist you to get a license according to the trademark and copyright act for your business operations without any legal problems.

Portfolio Management

We can assist you in maintaining and managing your trademark portfolio.


We can help you to resolve your disputes outside the court by working as a mediator.

Copyright and Trademarks Enforcement

We help you take legal actions to enforce your trademarks and copyrights.

Trademarks and Copyrights Maintenance

We schedule payments to plan to maintain your trademarks and copyrights.
You need a professional expert to protect yourself from trademarks and copyrights infringements. It’s your right to reserve the use of your creation so that no one can copy, sell or manipulate it. We can help you with your Amazon account registry. We can also guide you to protect you from any dispute.
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