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Germany Immigration is considered the fifth most favorable immigration due to its strong economy, work opportunities, and education system, etc. Germany has been making an effort to urge profoundly skilled laborers to move to Germany since 2005. It is still not easy to find work and apply for German immigration for low-skilled workers. The German Immigration Act 2005 allows highly skilled people to come and become permanent residents. People all over the world desire to move to Germany. We’ve provided information about German immigration in this blog for your guidance. Following are the German visa types.

German Visa for Job Seekers
Germany is on the top in investment locations in Europe and 3rd position worldwide. If you want to invest in Germany then you need to apply for an entrepreneur visa. Firstly, you need to check whether your services are in demand or not in Germany. Your business will be analyzed based on whether it is beneficial for the economy or not. You should have enough finance to set your business in Germany. There is no fixed amount required for investment. But the recommendation is at least EUR 250,000. You will be given similar rights to German citizens no matter what type of business you are launching. You don’t need to look for a German guarantor. You can also take your family with you. After staying for 3 years, you can get infinite resident permits.

German Visa for Family
Spouses and children can join their families in Germany by applying for a visa. If you are married to a German citizen that you don’t need a work permit. You will be given the same rights as your partner living in Germany. So, if your spouse is allowed to work in Germany then you can also enjoy the same privilege. Children can also apply for a German visa if their parents or at least one of them is living in Germany. The qualifying age for children for a visa is 16 years. Older than 16 years are also allowed to apply if they can speak and understand the German language. If the authorities have confidence that they can survive and integrate into Germany. Same-sex partners can form a civil union for visa applications.

German Van der Elst Visas
A European Economic Area (EEA) company doesn’t need any additional work permit to work all across the EEA. Any employee who is not an EEA employee but working in EEA for a service provider for 12 months can apply for a van der Elst visa.

German Visa for Students
Germany provides good quality education at affordable tuition fees. Germany offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees that are internationally recognized. You can stay for 9 months after getting the student visa. If you want to work during your stay, you can also do that. You are allowed to work for 90 days a year. you can also work in your field for 18 months after graduation. First, you need to apply to the university or college that you are planning to join, at the same time you can apply for Student Applicant Visa. You can go to Germany by getting this visa so that you can fulfill the requirements of your application like taking the admission test. This visa allows you to stay in Germany for 3 months but you can apply for an extension. If you got accepted by the university then you need to apply for a student visa at the German embassy. Embassy will forward your application to foreign authorities for approval and after getting their approval, the embassy will provide your visa.

Germany Immigration

German Working Holiday Visa
Germany provides working holiday visas for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan. If you are 18-30 years old then you can apply for this program. It allows you to stay and work in Germany for 12 months. Each job should be no more than 90 days. you can submit your application for a working holiday visa to the German embassy in your country.

Permanent Residency in Germany
German Resident Permit allows you to work and live in Germany. You don’t have to apply separately for residency and work permits. US, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, and a few other countries can apply for a resident or work permit while visiting Germany. But until they don’t get the permit, they cannot work in Germany. Some countries need to apply for a permit at the embassy before entering Germany. You need to submit a residence permit application to the German embassy of your country. Embassy forwards the application for further processing to the immigration office. The immigration office works with the local employment office to finalize the decision. You will get an entry visa if your application is accepted. You need to submit a work and residence permit application to the local foreign authority after your arrival.

You can also apply for a Permanent EU Resident Permit. You can migrate to almost any European country and obtain a residence permit. You can get a Permanent EU Resident Permit if you are legally staying in Germany for 5 years and have enough funds to support yourself. You should have a basic understanding of Germany’s legal and social life.
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