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What are the Myths about Lawyers and how to debunk misconceptions?

Myths About Lawyers
Sometimes you need a lawyer to solve your problems like financial fraud, IP rights issues but you are hesitant to contact them. Many myths make you unwilling to approach legal help. People usually think lawyers are very cunning and they can manipulate and use them for their benefit. They can do anything to get paid. You think that contacting a lawyer or attorney for your case is very expensive and they can add surprise charges in the end. Even in movies and television, lawyers are portrayed as immoral and manipulative. Sometimes they need to do or say things that are offensive to the other party but they are doing so to defend their client. Following are some myths about lawyers.
Lawyers are wealthy
The most common myth about lawyers is that they are very well-off. A very small number of lawyers are rich because they are working for large and famous corporations or rich clients. Locations and specialties also play an important role as the salary of lawyers is usually high in big cities as compared to small ones. Corporate lawyers get a good salary as compared to criminal lawyers.
Lawyers only care about getting paid
Lawyers are committed to serving their clients and doing what is best for them. They can only do so after understanding what their clients are going through. Their best interest is their client’s welfare. They care about their client’s future and what is the best possible solution they can provide. If they don’t care, you’ll get random results to a trial and they still get paid. But lawyers put their whole effort to get the best results.
Lawyers are manipulative
People think that lawyers are manipulators. They twist and turn things to their advantage. It’s not true. Lawyers learn how to form a good argument to defend their clients. It takes skill and expertise to stay ahead in every stage of the case so that the facts don’t conflict with them and their clients. They pay full attention to your case and represent your best interest.
Hiring a lawyer is expensive
It depends on the services you need. Sometimes it cost almost nothing to get a legal service. You can also get hourly charged services. Some lawyers charge contingency fees. You only need to pay them after they win your case. Some lawyers provide free consultation and if you think they can handle your case, you can hire them. Some lawyers also accept payment in installments according to the financial condition of the client. You can also get legal aid if you can not afford it.
A lawyer should be argumentative
It’s a myth that lawyers should only be argumentative. In some situations, like divorce cases, it is necessary to be tough and confrontational. In some cases, you don’t have to take your case to the court at that point lawyers use different approaches to settle the case outside the court. For example, in business lawyers use a collaborative approach.
Myths about Lawyers
A good lawyer always wins
It is not true. Sometimes your case is not strong and you have very slight chances of winning. Still, a lawyer gives his/her 100 % to defend your case but fails to win. It doesn’t mean that he/she didn’t try. In some cases, you feel wronged but legally you can not take action. It doesn’t mean that the lawyer is incompetent.
Lawyers are cheaters
Most people think that lawyers don’t tell the truth and make you get unnecessary services to get highly paid. They are not loyal and just adding useless solutions to your case. It’s not true, they only give the best solutions to your case.
It’s hard-to-understand lawyers’ language
Legal terms and laws are indeed hard to understand but that doesn’t mean lawyers convey bookish information without simplifying it. They have to explain the legal actions in simple words that you can understand. They are here to help you to understand your case better and what is the appropriate action that you can take.
Lawyers protect the innocent only
It is also a myth that lawyers only defend innocent. According to the law, it’s everyone’s right to defend him/herself. Lawyers defend their clients no matter they are innocent or not. They form arguments and provide evidence to support the story of their client. After presenting their argument, now it’s up to the judge whatever he decides. Sometimes state gives the clients to public lawyers because they can not afford to hire on their own. They are innocent or not, a lawyer will defend them.
Lawyers conspire with opposition, police, and judges
Most people think that lawyers are not honest. They conspire behind your back. They need to work with police and judges but that doesn’t mean they are plotting something bad. It is not true that all the lawyers take money from the opposition to make your case weak.
Lawyers bully people
You can think that lawyers don’t do anything except bully people. It is shown in most of the dramas and movies that lawyers use their power and knowledge in bullying and manipulating people but it is not true. You can’t judge the person based on profession.
How to debunk these myths?
Above mentioned myths are the most believed ones. You shouldn’t judge people just because they are lawyers. In some cases, like in business and insurance companies can do you more harm. People need to understand that professions are not bad it’s us that make it look bad. We can’t say with surety that all the people from other professions are good.
Similarly, not all lawyers are bad or cheaters.
It starts with you. If you are a lawyer then you can change people’s opinions by giving them the best services. The way you do things, interact with people is crucial in dispelling these myths. It can directly put an effect on the bottom line. If people think lawyers are honest and good, they approach you that will help to improve your bottom line.

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