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UK Visa Types, Work Permits & Immigration

UK immigration

Many of you desire to move to the United Kingdom. You can achieve your dream by applying for UK immigration. Every year many people apply for UK immigration for different purposes like education, work, etc. It is a good opportunity in the matter of jobs, study, and a better lifestyle. UK’s economy and the employment market are some of the reasons that motivate people of other countries to migrate. The United Kingdom also has better education options as many best universities are there.
There are numerous UK visa types, and they all have various prerequisites and processes. Hence,
exploring the intricate details might be overpowering and befuddling. Before moving, you need to understand the details of different work permits and visa types. Your home country plays important role in getting a UK visa.  People of the EU, EEA, or Switzerland don’t need a visa or work permit to visit or work in the UK. If your homeland is not EU, EEA, or Switzerland then you need a visa to stay in the United Kingdom. You can work and stay in the United Kingdom by getting work permits or residency. Each type of visa or work permit has its requirements and eligibility criteria. You need to meet these criteria for immigration. Following are the types of visas and work permits that the United Kingdom is offering.

Family Visas
Permanent residents or citizens can sponsor their family members for the UK visa. If you want to
live with your family member who is living in the UK then you need a family visa for it. Following are the types of family visas that you can apply for if you are related to a UK citizen or permanent resident.

UK visa for Parents
You can file an immigration application for your parents’ immigration if you are UK permanent resident. You should be 18 years old to be eligible for this and have an independent life.

Providing Care for an Adult RelativeIf you are a British national then you can apply for the immigration of your relative that you need to look after. You need to prove that you can support the relative without asking for public funds.

UK Ancestry Visa
If your grandparents were UK citizens or at least one of them was or you are a commonwealth citizen then you can apply for UK immigration.
EEA Family Permit
If your family members are living outside the European Economic Area (EEA) then you can apply for their UK visa. They can join you within 6 months from the application date.
UK Visa for Children
If you have children living in another country that are under 18 years old and financially dependent on you then you can apply for their UK immigration.
UK Visa for Spouse
If you have enough finance to support your spouse in the UK then you are eligible to apply for your spouse’s immigration.
UK Visa for Fiancé
If you are deciding to get married in the UK then you can apply for a fiancé visa for your partner but you need to marry within 6 months from the application date.
UK Visa for Unmarried Partner
Same-sex partners can apply for UK immigration by forming a civil partnership. You shouldn’t already be married or else you won’t be eligible for this visa.
Work Permits and Employment Visas
The target of UK visas for businesses is high-value immigrants. United Kingdon invites people to invest or build up a business there. If you want to relocate your business to the UK then you’ll need a work permit. Similarly, if you have enough skills and want to do a job in the UK then you need to apply for an employment visa but you’ll need an employer that can request a sponsor certificate. Following are the different visas that you can choose for your work purposes.
Start-up Visa
You want to start a business in the UK then you’ll need a start-up visa. There are no fixed investment requirements but you need to show your highest potential.
Innovator Visa
If you are an experienced businessman and want to start a business in the UK then you can apply for an Innovator visa. It requires a £50,000 capital investment.
Investor Visa
If you want to apply for an investor visa then you’ll need at least £2,000,000 to invest in the United Kingdom.
Global Talent Visa
If you are globally recognized and work in a field like science, arts, medical, engineering, etc. then you can file a global talent visa application.
Skilled Worker Visa
A skilled worker visa is for worldwide workers who have gotten an offer of employment for a position that is on the Shortage Occupations List or if they don’t have enough skilled laborers.
Sportsperson Visa
Coaches and athletes can apply for UK immigration through this category. They are only eligible for this visa if the governing body of sports authorized or recognized their role.
Intra-Company Transfer
This visa is for you if you are already an employee, working abroad, and need to relocate to the UK branch.
Minister of Religion Visa
If you are a religious worker and need to serve in UK-based faith community then you can apply for a minister of religion visa.
Study Visas
Many people apply for UK study visas every year. It allows you to stay and study in one of the best universities in the United Kingdom. You need a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) from an educational organization to get this visa. You can apply for a student visa, child student visa according to your case. if you want to study for a short period then you can apply for a short-term study visa.



UK Immigration
If you want to settle in the United Kingdom, you need to spend the required time there and fulfill other requirements. First, you need to get the status of lawful resident then you can move towards getting British Citizenship. Following are the requirements that you’ll need to fulfill to get citizenship.
Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)
You can get BRP by following the given instructions:
  • If you are allowed to stay in the UK for 6 months
  • File a visa extension application for minimum more 6 months
  • Apply to become UK national
  • Apply for a new passport

Right of Abode
You need to add the right of abode stamp in your foreign passport if you have dual nationality. Following are the conditions in which you can apply if you are a commonwealth national:
1. If your parents were British citizens then you can apply for permanent residency.
2. If you (woman) are married to a UK national before 1 Jan 1983.

Indefinite Leave to Remain
You can apply for indefinite leave to remain in the United Kingdom under the following conditions:
1. You can apply for indefinite leave to stay in the UK if you had stayed for at least 5 years there.
2. But this can vary according to visa type. Like if you are a spouse of a British national then you can claim the leave after 2 years.
3. You need to stay in the UK but if you stay abroad for more than two years then your permanent resident status will be terminated.

Citizenship & Naturalization
If you are living for five years as a lawful resident, then you can apply for naturalization. You can get British nationality after 12 months of getting indefinite leave to remain in the United Kingdom. You need to meet the following requirements before sending your naturalization application.

1. Proper knowledge and understanding of the English language.
2. Clear Life in the UK test.
3. You shouldn’t have any criminal record.
4. Throughout your qualifying time, you can’t stay for more than 450 days in a foreign country.

As you can see it is a complicated and time taking process, so it will be beneficial if you’ll get
the help of an immigration lawyer. At Abid Associates Law Firm, we have a team of experts that can help you with your immigration needs. We can help you with the UK immigration process.

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